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NBA Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies Do Not Need To Trade Rudy Gay Right Now

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s winner of the coveted NBA star who gets wrapped up in way too many trade rumors award would be Rudy Gay. The small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies has been in rumors all year because the team wants to avoid paying too much money. However, the team should probably wait to deal him until the off-season.

The biggest rumor out there right now involves the Toronto Raptors.  The Grizz would bring back a combination that would include Jose Calderon and probably Ed Davis.  On paper, that isn’t a bad exchange.  However, the team could probably do better if they waited a bit.

This package would net the Grizzlies two guys that would not start for them.  Calderon is a nice guard, but there is no way the team starts him over Mike Conley.  Davis has the potential to be a star, but he isn’t going to start over Zach Randolph anytime soon.  There are some other deals out there as well, but none of them would help the team this year.

The Grizzlies need to be absolutely sure that this core can’t win a title.  We haven’t seen them fully healthy in the playoffs, which might be the difference for them.  They are lockdown on defense and they do just enough on offense to make it work.  Gay is that guy who can get them big baskets when they need them, as long as he stays inside the system.

The trade market will no doubt perk up as we get closer to the deadline, but the team needs to let this situation play out.