Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings Would Be Worthy Of All-Star Game

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings may have made his case for an NBA All-Star game spot Tuesday night.

Jennings had 30 points when the Milwaukee Bucks hammered the Detroit Pistons 117-90 at The Palace of Auburn Hills. It helped the Bucks get the monkey off their back against the Pistons who seemed to have the right combination against Milwaukee, until Tuesday that is.

There’s some talk about Jennings replacing Rajon Rondo in the All-Star game, now that Rondo is out for the season. If this was an audition for being an All-Star, Jennings sure looked like one. He helped the Bucks gain control against Detroit. Jennings continues to show himself as a game-changer and that’s why he would fit the bill of being an All-Star. When a player has 20 points in a quarter like Jennings did against the Pistons in the third, it’s rather hard to ignore him.

Milwaukee had a 16-0 run with Jennings scoring every point.  That doesn’t make him an All-Star? It should.

Milwaukee showed the Pistons who the real playoff team is.

Pistons fans can’t tell who their top player is from game to game. Greg Monroe is a powerhouse one night, and so-so the next. Brandon Knight had 31 points the other night but this time, the guy who draws top billing for Detroit was rookie Andre Drummond who had 18 point sand 18 rebounds.

Obviously, it may not have made a difference in this game but Drummond keeps showing the case for getting more playing time. But like the other Pistons, he also has his down games.

But give him credit – he’s only the second player below the age of 20 to have an 18-18 game since 1985-86. The other player? Dwight Howard.

Will Drummond be the next Dwight Howard? Maybe, but it’s too early to tell.

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