NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Jose Calderon To The Boston Celtics Does Not Make Sense

By Shahab Khan
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Lee Treble, a colleague of mine on Rant Sports, in his column NBA Rumors:  Jose Calderon To The Boston Celtics, makes the argument that the Boston Celtics should trade for the Toronto Raptors point guard.  Rajon Rondo is out for the season and the Celtics brass don’t have faith that Avery Bradley can get the job done.  I should say Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce don’t have faith in either Bradley or the off-season acquired Jason Terry.  Terry has had a disappointing year and the duo of Garnett and Pierce aren’t getting any younger.  They need to win now.  So Treble pleads with the Celtics is to acquire the services of Calderon.

Calderon is a pass-first, steady point guard.  He does fit what the Celtics and coach Doc Rivers like to do on offense.  He could work well with Garnett and Pierce on the pick and rolls or pick and pops.  His shooting percentage is astronomical as he almost accomplishes the trifecta of shooting 50% from the field, 40% from beyond the arc and 90% from the charity line.  He only takes good shots, doesn’t turn the ball over and is a lock from the free throw line therefore having the ball in his hands during crunch time is not an issue.

Calderon isn’t a leader, and neither is Garnett or Pierce.  As much as they both will never admit it was Rondo’s leadership skills that got them over the top.  Calderon can’t and doesn’t play defense as he doesn’t guard his own position with any success. Calderon is 31 years old, always seems to battle injuries and can’t play 48 minutes.

Matching him with the aging roster in Boston doesn’t make sense.  Calderon is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year and go anywhere he wants.  The Celtics would have to give up draft picks or whatever youth they have and still may lose Calderon after the season.  It’s well known that Garnett and Calderon don’t get along.  They have had spats in the past and Garnett isn’t the easiest person to play with let alone against.  Calderon has had his best success when he is close to the people he plays with as shown by the success of the Spanish National team.

The cons outweigh the pros for the Celtics in acquiring Calderon.

The Raptors and general manager Brian Colangelo can’t make this deal.  Yes, they need to trade Calderon.  It’s an expiring contract and Colangelo should try and get something in return.  The Raptors aren’t going anywhere this season so why have an aging, body breaking down point guard around.  Kyle Lowry is in the fold and is the future.  I agree to trade Calderon but not to any team in the division or in the conference.  Does the brass really want him coming back to the Air Canada Centre getting cheered every time he touches the ball?

Calderon has been a servant to the Raptors.  He is the face of the franchise.  He deserves better than playing on a losing team.  He deserves a chance to win.  The Celtics aren’t winning anything this season.  I agree with trading Calderon but trade him to the Western conference to a team that has a shot to win the championship this year.

Does the trade makes sense for the Raptors, Celtics, Colangelo and Calderon:  it doesn’t.

But if Colangelo believes it does and does make the trade, it will be his last trade as general manager of the Raptors.

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