The DeMarcus Cousins Phenomenon

By Eric St. Cyr
Demarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Nelson Chenault- USA TODAY Sports


The chatter of Sacramento Kings  wonder child DeMarcus Cousins seems to come and go in tiny, inaudible waves. I understand there is a Dwight Howard episode going on out west and a Joakim Noah domination in the east and a Josh Smith… something in the south. But when do we really take a closer look at this kid and realize he’s the next big thing? A really, big thing.

In terms of potential I personally believe Cousins has more at 22 than any of the previous mentioned players have in their later 20s. Howard is abysmal from the line and can’t stay healthy. Noah is a specialty role player, but still unmatched at what he does, and Smith is an enigma who plays a different game every night. The fact of the matter is Cousins has barely missed a game in three years, is smarter around the basket offensively than any of those guys, and shoots basically 75% from the charity stripe.

There’s really no glaring weakness in Cousins’ game aside from questionable shot selection on occasion; he’s even an above average passer and has great finesse for a man his size moving with and without the ball. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a guy his size with such great ball handling abilities. His ‘problems’ seem to overshadow everything good he does, which is a lot, actually.

If you haven’t been watching Cousins highlights before you go to bed then shame on you. If you aren’t dreaming of having this angsty kid as the centerpiece of your franchise then shame on you. If you have been doing these things…good. Because you should be. I firmly believe that within the next two seasons we will all be talking about Cousins being one of the top 3 players in the entire league. Those who wont take a chance on a little immaturity and angst for more raw talent than has been witnessed in years will be regretting it by the time a contender picks him up and he’s well on his way to a banner and an MVP award.

Really, the only weakness to Cousins’ game is his immaturity. However, the kid comes to play every night… He’s remarkably consistent and he’s barely missed a game in 3 seasons. It’s absurd to think that his maturity and antics can’t be fixed if he is cradled and accommodated properly. He’s a hot headed passionate mess, yet he produces great, consistent numbers. Why is that a problem again?

Maybe I’m of the minority, but I don’t see any reason why any franchise wouldn’t give up an arm and leg to get this kid. If he’s a mess, so be it. Find a way to get him to take it out on the court…he certainly already plays with a great big chip on his angry shoulder. There’s no reason why with the proper accommodation and coaching this kid couldn’t be the centerpiece of any great up and coming team, or even a championship bound squad. There’s just too much talent to be ignored. Way too much. But until then, the 22 year old bully remains a big fat question, when really he’s an answer.

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