Toronto Raptors Have Assets Celtics Could Use

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce is a name you will hear frequently in Boston Celtics trade rumors and we continue our series of possible destinations for the future Hall of Famer.  Another team that has been mentioned as a possible, but unlikely landing spot are the Toronto Raptors.

Toronto makes sense in terms of the Celtics perspective because it does have assets that the Celtics would be interested in.  Kyle Lowry, Ed Davis, Terrence Ross, and to a much lesser extent, Andrea Bargnani, would all intrigue the Celtics on some level.  Ross and Davis would be the blue chip guys as they are both under 25 and have a lot of upside in their future.

Lowry makes sense as a fill in for Rajon Rondo, but you have to start wondering why so many teams have given up on him if he is as talented as his numbers would seem to suggest.  He is having a down year this season, but he is normally a pretty solid player.  Bargnani would be last for the Celtics as he is due big money on his contract and is about as soft as tissue paper.

The other problem with any Pierce trade is that it would be a very risky move on the Raptors end as Pierce is an aging player and he is signed to only one more year after this season.  In addition, acquiring Pierce might make them only slightly better.  It would do nothing to change their future outlook, if anything it would severely damage it.

The Raptors are a very unlikely landing spot for Paul Pierce, but they do have the assets to make a deal if they so choose.


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