Derrick Rose Returns To Taking Full Contact In Practice

By Riley Schmitt
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose is getting closer and closer to his return. The Chicago Bulls star has been out since April with a torn ACL but his return will probably happen within the next month. For instance, Rose is back to taking full contact in practice as of Wednesday.

This is big news for the Bulls and for Rose.  This means that he is progressing along at the right rate and his return will happen sooner rather than later.  He is going to need more reps in practice, but he is currently on the right track.  The team has surprised a lot of people this year and this news is only going to increase the hope for Bulls fans.

Rose probably will not be back to his old self right away.  Things like this take time before they end up working out the way you think.  However, he has had time to build his body up and he should have had the time to improve his shooting.  It will take him a bit before he is fully confident in his jumping and cutting ability but the team has moved him along slowly, and that should pay off in the long term.

Expect Rose back on the court and entertaining fans in the next month.  If he is anywhere near his old self, this team could make some noise in the playoffs.  Shifting Kirk Hinrich to the backup only makes this team stronger, and it could be a fun spring for basketball fans in Chicago.

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