Is Pau Gasol Becoming Cancerous To Locker Room?

By Thomas Jones
Richard Mackson – US PRESSWIRE

Just as the Los Angeles Lakers start to show some fight, Pau Gasol again voices his displeasure with being brought off of the bench. Enough already. The Lakers are deserving of everything that happens to them if the trade deadline passes and Gasol is still wearing purple and gold. He is all but begging for a trade at this point.

Gasol feels like he should be in the starting lineup, period. Forget what the numbers say when he and Dwight Howard share floor space for major minutes. Never mind that the Lakers have played better with Earl Clark spacing the floor as a starter and Gasol has actually put up better numbers this season coming off of the bench. Who cares that the Lakers are on a 3 game winning streak, Gasol could care less. The Lakers have a lot of room to make up and have no place for me first players. Even Kobe Bryant has shot less and passed more during the current winning streak. As a team, you do what you have to do to get the win. Gasol believes other wise.

Mitch Kupchak should be on the phone with whoever is listening and figuring out how to get Gasol out of L.A. expeditiously. He either doesn’t know what sacrifice mean or doesn’t care at this point. Yes, you have started your whole career and for the most part, been an exceptional player. Times change. Mike D’Antoni moved in and doesn’t run a system conducive to having two big men who clog the lane on the court at the same time for long periods of time. If Gasol wants to start, grant him his wish. Trade him now.

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