Memphis Grizzlies Agree To Trade Rudy Gay To The Toronto Raptors

By Riley Schmitt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Rudy Gay era is over in Memphis. The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed to a deal with the Toronto Raptors that would send the swingman there in exchange for Ed Davis. A third team would absorb the contract of Jose Calderon.

The third team in the deal would have to send as swingman back to Memphis and it looks like the Detroit Pistons are in the lead if you believe this tweet.

I really don’t get why Memphis wants to blow this core up so badly.  I understand that they are trying to save money but this is a new ownership group.  Why buy the team if you aren’t going to give the core a chance to play together in the playoffs?  This move seems like a bit of a money panic move and it is a shame for the fans and the players.

This deal could still come apart but it looks like it is all but done.  I thought Memphis should have waited on this deal but I guess they had to get it done.  I bet it comes back to bite them, but we will see.

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