Terrence Ross Is Developing for the Toronto Raptors

By Craig Ballard

With the no.8 overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, the Toronto Raptors selected Terrence Ross out of the University of Washington in a move that many analysts classified as a “reach.” But the good news for the Raps is that mid-way through his rookie season, he is showing signs of improvement and flashes that he is going to be a legit shooting guard on the NBA level.

Ross has seen his scoring increase monthly as he averaged 6.1 points per game in November, then 7.9 in December and 8.2 in January. The exciting part is that his three point shot has improved as the season has gone on and that is one area I will be watching closely. He is a guy who can get his shot off, so he could become a weapon from downtown.

One area that needs improvement is the fact that he cannot just take one dribble, then hoist a jumper. He also needs to learn that establishing his long range shot will create opportunities for a pump fake and then attacking the rim. Ross is a high flyer with a bit of an underground fan-base as he is the best high-flyer the Raps have seen since Vince Carter, but he does need to get better and more creative on the perimeter, which will create even more dunk opportunities for him.

Overall, the Raps have had a disappointing season, but Ross seems to be developing nicely and we have even seen him get crunch time minutes lately. There is zero doubt that Ross’ 195 pound frame needs to bulk up, but overall I have to give this young man thumbs up as he has earned increased playing time with his ability to show Dwane Casey his development.

In the first seven games where Casey gave Ross 20+ minutes, the Raps were 0-7, but the last dozen games where Ross has played 20+ minutes, the Raps are 7-5, so a team with a .356 overall winning percentage has a whopping .583 winning percentage lately when Ross sees a lot of floor time.

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