The Demise Of Richard Jefferson Is Very Disappointing

By Alejandro Aviles
Richard Jefferson
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Does anyone remember the last time Richard Jefferson averaged more than 12 points a game? It was back in the 2008-09 season in his lone season with the Milwaukee Bucks, he played 82 games and started all of them except one and averaged 19.6 points per game. Since then Jefferson has been on the decline and now that he is with the Golden State Warriorsit is getting pretty hard to watch.

I miss the days when Jefferson was catching alley-oops from Jason Kidd for the New Jersey Nets, now known as the Brooklyn Nets. Jefferson was a great player in his prime and was a great scorer. Now with the Warriors he barely gets any minutes, seeing 11.7 minutes a game, and only averages a measly 3.7 points a night.

Injuries have definitely played a part in Jefferson’s decline, and it is sad seeing a once great player get such little playing time and having such a small impact. However, I do applaud Jefferson for sticking it out and being a true professional. Jefferson cannot be happy with the way his career has been going for the past few seasons but he has not quit and there is still a chance he can revive his career.

He is not getting much playing time with the Warriors, but I am sure his veteran presence has been a big key for the team’s success this season. It is very disappointing watching Jefferson’s demise, but it is encouraging seeing him still in the NBA and competing every night. I hope that Jefferson can make an impact for this young Warriors team and revive his career in the process.

Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports and regular NBA contributor @aaviles312

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