Brooklyn Nets Must Prove Themselves Against Top Teams

By Sean Rollins
Dwayne Wade Miami Heat Joe Johnson Brooklyn Nets
Debby Wong-US Presswire


The Brooklyn Nets had a strong first half of the season and currently sit in fourth in the Eastern Conference.  However they’re not quite on the same level as the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, or Chicago Bulls.  The reason for that are their struggles against the teams with winning records.  In order to become a top contending team, they must prove themselves against the top of the league.


Overall it’s been a good year for the Nets.  Despite missing out on Dwight Howard during the offseason, the Nets have made a dramatic improvement due to the play of leaders like Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez.  Last season the Nets finished the short season as the fourth worst team in the east with a record of 22-44 but have improved to fourth best in the east this season with a 27-19 record.


But while the Nets have been taking care of business against the lesser teams of the league, they’ve had problems with the top tier.  Against teams that are under .500, the Nets are 17-0.  When playing teams with losing records the Nets score 101.9 points a game and allow just 91.6 points a game.  They shoot 46.6 percent from the field with their opponents shooting 43.7 percent.


When the Nets play teams that own a winning record the Nets are 10-19.  They score 92.2 points a game and give up 96.4 points a game.  Their field goal percentage is worse against winning teams as they shoot 43 percent and allow opponents to shoot 47.9 percent.  That’s an unacceptable difference for a team that hopes to contend.


Of course, the Nets should be better against teams that are worse but the Nets shouldn’t be that bad against teams with winning records.  In the NBA a sub-.500 record will still get a team into the postseason but if they can’t beat winning teams they won’t go far.  The Nets must learn how to defeat the big teams if they hope to advance to the next level.

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