Can Latest Win Spark Atlanta Hawks Moving Forward?

By Devin O'Barr
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like every day new NBA rumors have the Atlanta Hawks parting ways with Josh Smith or having an absolute fire sale. Most of the time I shake my head thinking that this team has so much talent but, have failed to fully produce in the last few seasons.

After another come from behind win versus the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night the team looks more powerful than ever and may turn some heads when playoff time comes around. A team that was once young and inexperienced now has veteran leadership from Al Hortford and Smith who have both stood the test of time in Atlanta.

Kyle Korver has brought a boost to this team also as he is playing more and more each night and got 36 minutes of playing time versus the Raptors. In this time Korver had 17 points and was effective in other phases of the game while shooting 5-9 from behind the arc and snagging six rebounds. His play will be crucial as the team needs a shooter to draw distractions from the teams aforementioned powerful post players.

If the Hawks hope to get anywhere in the playoffs this spring they will need great play from their point guard Jeff Teague. Being one of the smallest and most explosive guards in the league he is able to create offense more than most. In my mind, the nine points and seven dimes that he had against the Raptors are a step in the right direction but, the offense needs much more.

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