Denver Nuggets: Andre Miller Shall Lead Them

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets are loaded with young talent but with that youth comes inconsistency. Ty Lawson is the best player on the floor one night and hardly noticeable the next night. Kenneth Faried always gives 100% but there are nights where that effort doesn’t translate into numbers. Danilo Gallinari looks like a superstar at times and a falling star at other times.

That’s not a criticism, that’s what happens on a roster dominated by youth. However the Nuggets do have a couple of veterans, one in particular, that are quietly leading them.

Andre Iguodala and Andre Miller have both shown some leadership abilities but it is Miller that is the primary leader of the Nuggets. Miller doesn’t start, and he doesn’t play the most minutes, but he is as important as any other player on the team. Miller provides consistency on a team that is full of players who are inconsistent; he plays the same way every night.

Head coach, George Karl recently called Miller the Nuggets only player worthy of being voted to the All-Star Game. Not sure I would go that far but his point is well taken, Miller brings stability and professionalism to the Nuggets. Wednesday night is a perfect example the team was struggling to find their game versus the Houston Rockets and was trailing by as many as eight late in the third quarter. Lawson was playing hard, but just wasn’t able to get anything going.

Miller came into the game, settled things down, and the Nuggets went on a big run that turned the eight point deficit into a ten point lead over a six minute period. Milled did not come in and start draining three’s or even hitting big shots, he just provided the veteran leadership that calmed everyone down.

Miller gives Karl and the Nuggets exactly what they need, and it changes every night. If the team needs a big three pointer, Miller will hit it even though he’s not a great shooter. If the Nuggets need someone to get the offense back on track, Miller can do that. Nothing he does is great and he’s never going to make an All-Star Team, but the case can be made that Miller is the most important player on the Nuggets.

The Nuggets are built on youth and athleticism, but it is an older player with virtually no athleticism that is leading them.

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