Memphis Grizzlies Win Rudy Gay Trade

By Riley Schmitt

When the Memphis Grizzlies went ahead and traded Rudy Gay on Wednesday, I was skeptical when the news first broke. I was of the thinking that the team should have held on to him for this season and traded him in the off-season. However, after seeing all the details about the trade, it was clear the Grizzlies won the trade.

By adding Ed Davis and Tayshaun Prince, the Grizzlies improved their depth and their overall team.  The talent level may have dropped, but these guys fit better for the team.  Plus, they saved a ton of money in the long term.  For starters, Davis is going to be a really nice backup big for this team.  He can spell Zach Randolph and the team really won’t have that big off a drop off.

Prince is going to be a real big factor in this.  He is not as good as Gay but he looks like a better fit for this team.  He is better on defense and he is a much better shooter.  One of the main complaints about Gay is that he takes way too many shots to get his points.  You won’t have to worry about that with Prince–he will do a lot of damage taking corner threes for this offense.

It may have seemed strange on paper, but ask anyone who watches basketball.  They will tell you the same things that I am saying.  Memphis may have dropped the big name guy, but they made their team better now and in the future.

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