Omer Asik Giving Houston Rockets What They Paid For in 2013

By Devin O'Barr
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets made a couple of huge splashes this offseason, but the move that’s going under the radar is the free agent signing of Omer Asik. Sure, James Harden and Jeremy Lin are huge playmakers, but they would not be the team they are today without ponying up and giving Asik a contract this summer.

Asik played in all 66 games last season and has not sat out any of the Rockets contests in 2012-13 either. Durability and Asik go hand in hand as the 26-year-old will be calling the NBA home for at least another decade. In his first season as a starter he is averaging a double-double with 10.3 points per contest and 11.3 boards per game.

No one has been better on the glass this season as he has hauled in 543 rebounds and 391 defensive rebounds which also leads all NBA rebounders. Asik showed plenty of promise with the Chicago Bulls last year but, they didn’t believe in him enough to match the Rockets three year $25.1M contract offer.

Now his conditioning and turnovers have been an issue for Asik his entire career even dating back to his years with Turkey. In my mind, the 2.4 turnovers that Asik is committing per game will have to go down if he expects to be a top-notch center in the NBA.

With another year of competing against great centers he will be able to take his game to the next level and start being feared night in and night out. Until then, Asik will keep improving upon his skills as the Rockets climb in the Western Conference standings.

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