Phoenix Suns Pursuing Josh Smith

By Riley Schmitt
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Smith might be one of the most frustrating players in basketball. That being said, a lot of teams think they can turn the Atlanta Hawks forward into a superstar. The talent is there but he may just need a change of scenery. The Phoenix Suns need a star and they are trying their best to bring Smith into the fold.

The Suns are an interesting case.  They have some nice players but they are a long ways away from being a contender.  Thanks to an earlier trade, they also have plenty of picks to package in a trade with the Hawks.  The rumored deal right now would center around Marcin Gortat and a couple of those first round picks.  That would not be the worst deal for the Hawks, as they could move Al Horford to power forward.

The trade deadline is coming up so a lot more rumors are going to pop up in the coming days.  I have no idea how valid this one is, but it does make sense.  The Hawks would get a decent player back and the picks would be a nice way to help the team rebuild for the long haul.  They did a good job of cleaning out some of the crap this past off-season, so this would be another step in helping the team grow.

If they could convince Smith to stop shooting jump shots, they would have something.  However, his frustrating play is enough to drive any fan or coach wild.  Let’s see if a new team could be the thing that could help him realize his potential.

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