Taj Gibson Shows Why He Could Be A Starter In The NBA

By Alejandro Aviles
Taj Gibson
Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

In the Chicago Bulls‘ 104-88 road victory against the Milwaukee Bucks the Bulls were without starter Carlos Boozer, who sat the game out with a hamstring injury and it was the first time this season that Boozer missed a game. Furthermore, for the past two seasons Boozer has not missed a start. Despite not having  Boozer, the Bulls were able to cruise to a win against the Central Division rivals in large part because of Taj Gibson‘s play.

Gibson started in Boozer’s place and the Bulls did not miss a beat. In 34 minutes of play, Gibson scored 14 points on 7-12 shooting to go along with nine rebounds and two blocks. Gibson is one of the Bulls’ best defenders and head coach Tom Thibodeau likes going to him in the fourth quarter to close out games. It Boozer did not cement himself as the Bulls’ starting power forward Gibson would be starting and the Bulls would still be a great team.

A lot of people forget that before Boozer came to the team Gibson was actually the team’s regular starting power forward. In his rookie season Gibson played all 82 games and started 70 of them. Therefore, Gibson is no stranger to starting and could actually start for a lot of other teams. Gibson is one of the most valuable players on the Bulls’ roster and it was a smart move when the team gave him a contract extension at the beginning of the season.

Everyone knows that Gibson is a phenomenal defender but over the past few seasons his offense has been coming along. Gibson had the full repertoire on display against the Bucks and as his offensive game continues to grow it will pay dividends for the Bulls. Gibson and the Bulls are gearing up for the return of Derrick Rose and the team has done great in his absence.When Rose comes back the Bulls figure to be one of the top contenders out of the eastern conference.

Throughout this entire season Gibson has been ready when called upon and tonight he showed why he could be a starter in the NBA. When Boozer comes back Gibson will be coming off the bench again but you can bet that he will step up like he did tonight whenever the Bulls need him to.

Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports and a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan @aaviles312



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