Charlotte Bobcat’s Eye On Greg Oden

By Ben Leven
Greg Oden
Craig Mitchelldyer-US PRESSWIRE

Why are the Charlotte Bobcats taking an interest in Greg Oden? Is it because he’s the Center the Bobcats desperately need? Is it because he’s simply up for grabs and the Bobcats will take anything talented at this point? Oden is the kind of star power the Bobcat’s could use. Not to say that Bobcats are not without some measure of talent. Certainly look at what they got out Michael Jordan’s leadership…uh never mind.

The thing is Oden has been out of commission for three years. Oden has had not one, but three micro fracture surgeries in his career. It may be a long time before Oden is even close to being ready to play this season. Aside from this, there are many other factors against Oden playing for the Bobcats.

Oden as mentioned still needs time to heal, he needs to rehabilitate. He needs to find time to work a deal with the team and of course learn the lay of the land, and  needs to learn the rules of operation with the Bobcats, how the fans operate.

Oden is going in there, not a man with just a new team, but a whole new way of transitioning.

Despite the factors against him, having Oden on the Bobcats couldn’t be that much more of a setback, considering the team’s abysmal track record. If they do go with the former top draft pick, then they need play it right. The Bobcat’s need to slowly ease him in, like working your way into a Jacuzzi, or it will all fall apart once again for the Bobcats.

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