Bradley Beal's Report Card Halfway Through Rookie Season With Washington Wizards

By Devin O'Barr
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are on pace to wind up back in the NBA lottery this coming July, but they do have a few bright spots including rookie shooting guard Bradley Beal. Exactly 41 games through his rookie season the number three overall pick still has some improvements to make in the second half to continue to grow.

Beal has played in all 41 games and has started in all but two games for the Wizards this season which shows health and immense playing time–both of those are huge keys for any rookie looking to make a splash. While Beal’s opportunities have been an A, his consistency has been subpar with plenty of ups and downs.

While the spotty play is understandable, Beal has gotten better each month in terms of scoring as he averaged just 11.0 in the month of  November and averaged 15.1 points per game in January–young players are supposed to get better with each game and these stats show just that for Beal.

At 6 -foot-3 Beal is undersized at the shooting guard position, but I don’t see him moving anywhere else given his scoring prowess and lack of other skills. Without John Wall for 90 percent of this season Beal has had to handle the ball more than he probably ever will and his passing wasn’t to impressive. Rookie mistakes amassed Beal’s assist total to a minimum as he averages just 2.5 dimes a game currently.

All in all the 19-year-old has plenty of room to grow and make the Wizards proud of their third overall selection. He will continue that process All-Star Weekend where Beal will compete in the Rising Stars Challenge.

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