Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Nash Gone Missing

By David Charnley
Mark J.Rebilas-US Presswire

While Kobe Bryant has drastically changed his game to become more of a facilitator rather than shot shooter, one thing is visible, Steve Nash is gone missing.

Kobe has now passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in career assists, last week he overtook Michael Jordan as Kobe is working out on a game style that can keep him fresher.

Nash also needs to work out how his game can help improve the greater good of the team because at the moment with Kobe being the main ball holder it’s hard to see a primary role for Nash.

Okay Nash is still relatively new to this team, spending two and half months out injured. The lack of chemistry that is visible with the current roster wouldn’t have helped with insight in to the best ways to maximize the skill set that Nash has with pick and rolls.

It still might take some time for the players to know the little moves Nash is capable of and that time might well still come if the team can make the play-offs.

While Nash was out it allowed Los Angeles Lakers fans the luxury of being able to say that when Steve gets back our offense will flow again, with the phrase coined, ‘Steve will fix it.’

Well Steve is back and it is still not fixed. Defense to offensive transition is slow and at times labored pointing out to the fact that there is a 39-year-old running the show.

For me this draws the conclusion, for as much as Nash has done in his career becoming one of the top 10 point guards in NBA history, was the decision to sign the veteran on a three-year deal the smartest decision from the Lakers?

Mike D’Antoni is Nash’s biggest fan, rumors his arrival in LA was to rekindle the relationship that the coach and point guard have, but with D’Antoni switching Kobe to facilitator it seems there is part resignation from the coach on what his star pupil can now do.

The Lakers need to go back to the drawing board for the most effective way that Nash can work on this team. One of the best attributes about Nash is his unselfishness, echoed in the amount of assists he has dished out through his career.

Nash needs to play to his strengths, as one of the most natural shooters he needs to look to make 5 threes a game and get the pick and roll mastered with Pau Gasol. 

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