Are the Indiana Pacers a Better Team than the Miami Heat?

By J.M. Nicholas
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It would not be an overstatement of the obvious to say that the Miami Heat have some of the best players in the world. The defending NBA champions have MVP’s and all-stars in their starting lineup, players with Olympic gold medals, as well as championship rings. There is no discounting the talent that is loaded in the starting five players for Miami, but there is also no way to discount the depth of talent on the entire roster for the Indiana Pacers. This Indiana team has been built to beat the Heat, and in their first two match-ups this season, they have done just that.

It was evident in their postseason series last year that the Pacers can not only present problems for Miami, but that Indiana obviously gets under the skin of Lebron James and company. In a contentious series, Indiana literally had the Heat on the ropes, before James and Dwayne Wade took over. The Pacers were up 2-1, and had a double-digit lead in the third quarter of game four, before Miami ran away with three-straight wins. It seems that Indiana has built confidence from those frustrations a year ago, and fully believes that they can trade punches with the best in the world.

Miami has scored over 100 points in 25 games already this season, but has yet to score over 90 points in two games against Indiana. Both wins by Indiana over Miami were by double-digits. The Heat were called with four technical fouls on Friday, and Hall-of-Famer Ray Allen was held scoreless in both games against the Pacers. Indiana now has 13 home wins in a row, their longest winning streak at home in over a decade.

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