Are The Refs To Blame For Dallas Mavericks Losses?

By John Hayden
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The Dallas Mavericks are on a four game road trip right now against the Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State WarriorsPhoenix Suns and their next stop is the Oklahoma City Thunder. There has been so much talk about how the referees the past few games have blown calls and are the reason why the Mavericks are losing games. Come on, that is so far from the truth and everyone knows it. In the Portland game there was a blown call and the NBA told everyone they next day that the call made was the wrong call. Against Golden State according to Dallas Coach Rick Carlisle, the refs blew another call which he responded about.

Excuses after excuses always come out when a team is trying to figure out why they are losing. Blown calls and Ref’s making mistakes are not the reason’s why the Mavericks are losing this season and the last two games. Tonight in Phoenix the Mavericks pulled out a victory thanks to their guard play. Both Darren Collison and OJ Mayo played with some emotion and passion both scoring in double digits and playing aggressively on defense. Even the veteran Vince Carter, who has been surrounded by trade rumors, played a fantastic game making sure the Mavericks wouldn’t lose three in a row. With Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman out because of injury’s someone on this team had to step up against the Suns.

We can talk all about bad calls but the reasons why the Mavericks are losing has nothing to do with that. There are many factors to take into account:  In their 19 wins alone they have had a new starting lineup in 18 of them. It is hard to gel as a team and as starters when you keep changing the lineup for every game. The health of Nowitzki is also a factor why the Mavericks are losing. This isn’t the same Dirk that we are used to see playing, he has not been the clutch player making the necessary shot or executing the clutch play. Another factor is that there are so many newcomers on this team and most of the championship team are gone. The last factor is that there are too many excuses being made for the losses night after night.

Nowitzki even said that, “We find more ways to lose than we find ways to win.” What a true statement for this Mavericks team who needed the win at Phoenix tonight. Now they have a few days to rest before they play the Thunder in Oklahoma City. So lets get rid of the excuses and start playing ball the Maverick way. Sometimes the whistle will not be going your way but you got to keep your focus and play to win.

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