Now is Perfect Time for Charlotte Bobcats to Change Name to Hornets

By Cody Williams
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte Bobcats
Brian Spurlock – USA Today Sports Images

With the New Orleans Hornets recently making it official that they will become the Pelicans next season, that obviously means the Hornets name will be available. As the Hornets brand was made famous in Charlotte a couple of decades ago, there has been a lot of buzz (no pun intended) about the Charlotte Bobcats potentially bringing the name back to the Queen City.

Grass-roots movements like “Bring Back the Buzz,” a campaign that has near 3,000 followers on Twitter and even more supporters on their website, and other implications that the front office of the Bobcats will look into the name change make it appear that the possibility of the Hornets returning to Charlotte is likely.

And the timing of that couldn’t be better. The Bobcats have ultimately failed in Charlotte, in multiple ways, since their inception as an expansion franchise in 2004.

This has been an organization that has enjoyed only one winning season and one trip to the postseason in their brief history. They are also a team that has the dubious honor of having the record for the worst season winning percentage in NBA history.

More than that though, the Bobcats brand hasn’t been one that has resonated with their target fan-base. Whether it’s the mascot itself, the orange-navy-white color-scheme or something else, there has always been an evident disconnect between the fans and this team.

But bringing back a name that the city of Charlotte and its surrounding areas once stood behind in the days of Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues seems like a move that would excite the fan base.

The timing also makes sense because of where the players in this franchise are at the moment.

As of now, Charlotte’s core of guys like Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Gerald Henderson and Bismack Biyombo are all players under 25 years old. That being said, it can be assumed that they have a long future in the NBA.

Wouldn’t it be smart to rebrand the team that the comprise so that they can get a fresh start in this league as they prepare to enter the primes of their careers? The answer seems to be yes.

So with the name available and groups of fans already calling for the Hornets name to come back to Charlotte, the move that the Bobcats’ front office needs to make seems pretty clear. The Hornets need to once again reside in Charlotte and it needs to happen soon.

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