Tyson Chandler's Dominance Underneath Energizes New York Knicks

By John Raffel
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about Carmelo Anthony all you want. But when it comes to the New York Knicks has anybody been more sensational than Tyson Chandler in recent games?

Chandlers continues to do the dirty work under the boards for the Knicks and he continues to hold his own with anybody. Saturday night, the Knicks routed the Sacramento Kings 120-81 at Madison Square Garden in NBA action and Chandler had his way on the boards with 20 and threw in 11 points for good measure.

In his past 10 games, Chandler has been grabbing down an average of 12 boards. He usually loves grabbing the boards against Sacramento, considering he averages 18 per game against that team this season. Granted, the Kings are playing poorly right now but 20 rebounds is 20 rebounds.

Ironically, Chandler does better in Knicks losses with 12.4 rebounds a game and 10 boards in wins.

Chandler’s among the reasons you could see a Knick vs. Heat match-up for the NBA Eastern Conference finals. Right now, he’s having his best season in rebounding since he joined the Knicks last season.

It’s also his best season in rebounding since he was with the New Orleans Hornets for the 2007-08 season.

Most impressive about Chandler is that he’s improved his offensive rebounding by one full board this season from last year. He’s doubled his offensive rebounding average, which is 4.4 per game, from what it was four seasons ago.

Chandler has also been consistent. Now that he’s been in the  NBA 11 years, he just needs to stay away from injuries. Earlier this week, he missed practice with neck problems. But he continues to start and be an incredible force for the Knicks.

It’s going to be a fun second half of the regular season in Knicksville.

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