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NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Need More Minutes From Andre Drummond

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons continue to be a confusing team. One half they’re fine, the next half they’re not. It’s been that way all season. It was that way again in Sunday’s 98-97 NBA loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. Maybe more minutes from Andre Drummond would do the job.

“So, 62 points the first half, we come out the first five minutes of the third quarter, we’re down 18, said Pistons coach Lawrence Frank. “Then all of a sudden we changed our game. We started moving the ball. We started putting more energy and effort into the game. We hold them in the second half to 36 points. Ten assists on 10 field goals in that third quarter. We put a lot in.”

Frank hasn’t figured out a way to have his team play a full four quarters. It’s that simple. It seems like they fall into a big hole, and almost come out of it, but not quite.

They keep squandering leads, too.

Frank has to get the team to figure out how to play with a lead and how to stop digging too many holes. It’s the second half of the season but this is a team that usually can’t figure out how to win in the closing stretches.

They also need to figure out how to effectively use Drummond, who saw 23 minutes of action and had decent numbers with nine points and 11 boards.

But eventually, Drummond needs to mature so his minutes will grow and he can do more things for his team. Fellow rookie Kyle Singler saw 40 minutes of action with modest results, including 11 points. If Frank can get his rookies and the entire team to play four quarters, he could be celebrating a playoff season.