Atlanta Hawks Showing How Much They Miss Lou Williams

By John Raffel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Guard Lou Williams realizes the Atlanta Hawks are going to get tough challenges every single night they’re on the court. It’s going to be even tougher with the loss of Williams recently to a season-ending injury.

Playing on the road is never easy, no matter how good of a team you might be.

But with the way Williams was playing, as the team’s third-leading scorer, the Hawks were showing they can get the job done.

“It happens,” he said after an upset loss to the Detroit Pistons earlier this season. “We realize in this league you’re going to get your best shot on any given night from any given team, tonight was no different. We did the best we could fighting back.”

Then came his injury.

On the road or at home, the Hawks are facing major challenges now because of the injury bug. But Williams’ teammates need to have a much better performance than in the 93-76 home loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. Devin Harris is suffering a sore right foot.

The loss of Williams was devastating enough, but other changes that coach Larry Drew has had to make will also be a challenge for the Hawks, who seemed ready to be an NBA contending team.

But it’s doubtful now, with the loss of Williams and other nagging injuries, that this is a contending team.

Drew doesn’t have enough manpower to be an elite team, even if his squad is healthy. The more the Hawks have to face the injury bug, the worse things are going to be. This was a fun team to watch prior to Williams’ injury.

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