Erik Spoelstra Should Start Chris Bosh in NBA All-Star Game

By Vytis Lasaitis
Chris Bosh
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

With last night’s victory over the Toronto Raptorsthe Miami Heat earned head coach Erik Spoelstra a free trip to Houston to coach the Eastern NBA All-Star team.

Spoelstra’s first decision will be to select a starting lineup replacement for the injured point guard Rajon Rondo. Due to the fact that Brook Lopez, of the Brooklyn Netswas brought in as a reserve for Rondo, the Eastern All-Star team is down to two pure point guards in Kyrie Irving and Jrue Holiday. However, chances are rather high that neither of the two will make the starting lineup.

Spoelstra made it clear on Sunday that his loyalty and priorities are with the Heat. A formal statement is yet to be made, but he was definitely hinting towards the fact that Chris Bosh might be the third Miami player in the starting lineup.

His inevitable decision to put Bosh in the starting lineup could seem as controversial, yet it makes perfect sense.

So often the All-Star nominations have proven be be all about earning your stripes and paying your dues in the league. Both Irving and Holiday will be making their respective All-Star debuts this year, while Bosh is named to his eighth consecutive appearance.

If Bosh was to start in the game, LeBron James would be moving into the starting point guard position, forming a backcourt with teammate Dwyane Wade. James is no stranger to the point guard position, as he has always been labeled as a point forward, having supreme athletic abilities and the court vision that is up to par with the best point guards in the league.

The trio would also make history, as the last time a team could boast of having three All-Star starters was in 1990. Back then, the Los Angeles Lakers had Magic Johnson, James Worthy and A.C. Green representing the purple and gold in the starting lineup.

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