Houston Rockets’ Thrive Whenever Patrick Patterson Comes Alive

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Patterson hasn’t always been a dominant force for the Houston Rockets this season, but he had the chance to show the team the other night that he’s still around and ready for duty.

That’s what happens when you make all six of your shots late in the game and help your team dust off the struggling Charlotte Bobcats.

Patterson, in the last seven and a half minutes of Saturday’s home game with Charlotte, had one of the best moments of his NBA career. He was 6-of-6, and wound up with 14 points down that stretch.

A loss to the lowly Bobcats would have been a punch in the stomach for the Rockets who are trying to make a statement as a playoff contender, now that they’re at 26-23 and have won four of their last five games and 9-of their last 10 at home.

A combination of dunks and a shot clock buzzer beater put Patterson in the spotlight with an heroic performance. Overall, he wasn’t bad with 10-of-12 from the floor, and wound up with 24 points. The Rockets only dressed four bench players and were thin with 12 points from their reserves. So that’s why Patterson’s decision to come through in a major way was huge.

Ironically, Patterson has been a quiet player most of the season. He had 29 minutes Saturday and played about the same in his previous two games with a combined total of 22 points. If the Rockets can get more performances like that out of Patterson, they’re going to be a dangerous team for the rest of the season.

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