James White Needs to Take 'Flight' in NBA Dunk Contest

By Thomas Duffy
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The excitement that used to surround the annual Slam Dunk Contest is back.

Well, actually, it could be back. If the NBA lets James White of the New York Knicks participate in the event, views will skyrocket almost as fast as White elevates off the ground.

White is seeing nearly seven minutes per game this season in New York, but has achieved fame for his dunking ability, which includes being to able to throw down two-handed windmills, through-the-leg slams, and of course, foul line dunks.

By the way, White can not only dunk from the foul line. He can do it through-the-legs. Check some of his greatest dunks here:


White participated in the 2001 McDonald’s All American High School Dunk Contest, the 2006 NCAA Dunk Contest, and is now trying to grab his spot in the 2012-13 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest in just his third season in the NBA.

White, who is known to other players as “Flight,” for obvious reasons, has received support from his own Knicks teammates.

Iman Shumpert says that “they should definitely put him in. He’d win it.”

Steve Novak remembers first seeing White take flight in 2001 during warm-ups at an AAU summer basketball camp called ABCD, which features top high school players. “I remember the crowds just gathering around the court and he was just going,” Novak said. “He could just jump from so far away and he would dunk the ball so quick and he’s a one-footed jumper.. So it was just unreal.”

Raymond Felton believes the All-Star Weekend should feature Flight, too. “I’ve seen him do windmills, play around in the air with the ball from the free throw line, all kinds of things. It’s amazing,” Felton said. “That’s why we call him Flight.”

“If they let me in, I’m just going to have fun with it,” he said. “I’ll just let the fans have fun and will do my best.”

White may want to be careful about hitting his head on the rim, though, as he reportedly can jump just inches away from the top of the backboard.

It is time for the NBA to let the dunk contest become a real event again, and let one of the best dunkers in the league take Flight.

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