Kevin Garnett Won't Get Traded To Los Angeles Clippers

By Andy Schmidt
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

There have been rumors swirling over the past 24 hours about the possibility of Kevin Garnett being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. These rumors seem really odd and pointless to me because what kind of fit is there in Los Angeles anyway really? Garnett isn’t going to be the team’s power forward but unless he really wants to get away from the Boston Celtics to chase another ring as a small forward again, I don’t see this happening.

It is true that Boston is going down in flames right now without Rajon Rondo but Boston could technically still make the playoffs with Garnett and Paul Pierce on the team. I don’t see it happening and while Garnett is getting up in age, this trade won’t happen. The Clippers could use another piece especially with the injury concerns going on with Chris Paul right now but I don’t think Garnett is the right person to go trading for. I’m sure that the team should look for a more affordable option that can basically do the same thing. Yes, the problem is that there are very few of those type players out there.

I would be shocked if this trade happened but in today’s National Basketball Association, anything is possible I guess. Garnett would be a good small forward and may allow the Clippers to get past the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference but it would have to be a rental situation because Garnett isn’t going to stay with Los Angeles next year. It is something to keep your eyes open about though.

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