NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Could Send DeAndre Jordan For Kevin Garnett

By Shahab Khan
DeAndre Jordan Los Angeles Clippers
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It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Boston Celtics. The team is sitting in eighth place in the conference free falling out of the playoffs. Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger are out with injuries. Both the Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors have upgraded their rosters and seem poised to catch the Celtics. In the summer, the judas Ray Allen left for greener pastures with the Miami Heat seeking another championship.

It’s time to further break-up the first big three. Paul Pierce isn’t going anywhere, so it’s ripe for Kevin Garnett to move on and for the Celtics to get something back in return. Unlike Allen who went to the hated Heat, Garnett could move with his head held high and respect intact by waiving his no trade clause and helping the Celtics move forward.

To accomplish this there is only really one destination for Garnett: the Los Angeles Clippers would be the that destination. He has a summer retreat in Malibu. He loves the spotlight and the Clippers need someone with Garnett’s attitude and work ethic to put them over the top. Garnett is widely known as the worst-liked player in the NBA and the dirtiest. Any executive would tell you they hate playing against him but they would love to have him on their team. That is exactly what the Clippers need. They need someone to show them what it is like to win playoff series and to ultimately win a championship. They hoped that Chauncey Billips would have been that player, but his oft-injured seasons have made him a bust. Garnett is the right player at the right time.

The Celtics have to make the decision on whether to compete this season or move on and try to stockpile for the future. In Rondo, Sullinger, Avery Bradley and Jeff Green among others they have a solid base for seasons to come. Pierce can still score so what does the team need going forward off the Clippers roster. The only name that would work is DeAndre Jordan.

Jordan has two years left at an average of 10.5 million per year on his current contract while Garnett has two years at around 12 million remaining on his. The numbers work out. Jordan could be slotted right into the starting lineup in Boston. Looking at how Jordan plays now, he reminds many of how Garnett played in his early days with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Garnett developed an outside touch and defensive edge with the help of the many veterans on the Timberwolves roster such as Sam Mitchell. Jordan needs vets around him to mature and Pierce might be that guy.

In the end the trade would be a win-win scenario both franchises and both rosters. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are the stars with the Clippers but they don’t have the personality that Garnett would bring. Garnett could help bridge the gap with the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant who have a hold on city and the media. During the big three era in Boston, the team has played a slow-down half-court type of style. With the young pieces they have, adding Jordan to that mix would change the Celtics into an up-and-down in-your-face team which could at least have a chance to compete with the Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. You notice I didn’t mention the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat in that list. Jordan wouldn’t help the Celtics get there yet.

Garnett for Jordan works. Garnett for Jordan would make both franchises and their fans happy. Sometimes a trade works out for both teams. Garnett would have his chance at another championship and the spotlight he craves. The Celtics wouldn’t have to see Garnett too many times going forward and they would acquire a skilled big man who protects the basket with disdain and attacks the rim with anger. Hollywood made a movie about something like this: Looper. It would be like trading the old Garnett for the young Garnett.


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