Ty Lawson Fueling Denver Nuggets' Impressive Winning Streak

By John Raffel
hris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Lawson’s aggressiveness is starting to be contagious for the Denver Nuggets and the entire team, which right now is among the hottest in the NBA.

The Nuggets demonstrated what a powerhouse they’ve become on Friday with a convincing 113-98 win over the New Orleans Hornets for their sixth straight win. Lawson had 21 points and 13 assists. Sure, Andre Iguodala has also been scoring his points, and had 24 in that game, but Lawson is just all over the floor in an unbelievable way. He’s basically been unstoppable, and his third quarter was a thing of beauty.

Lawson showed in that quarter what a complete player he is with nine points, five assists and two steals and he netted a buzzer beater. He’s been unstoppable.

The Denver defense, led by Lawson, has also been impressive with 32 points off of turnovers against New Orleans.

Lawson likes being aggressive. He’s become a genius in taking what the defense will give him and he did that in a stunning way against the Hornets. He’s playing fundamental basketball. He’s going to the basket effectively when he sees that the shot is there and is passing off when it isn’t. That’s hardly a secret to basketball success, but it’s hard to execute it in the NBA most of the time. Lawson is doing it brilliantly, however.

His coach, George Karl, pointed out how effective the turnovers from the Nugget defense have made his team. When points come off of turnovers, the confidence goes up and that’s why the Nuggets are winning. Give Lawson credit in that area.

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