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NBA Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards Need Another Scorer

Spruce Derden – US PRESSWIRE

With Bradley Beal mending a sore right wrist and John Wall still shaking off the rust of not playing for 3 months, the Washington Wizards are in need of another scorer. Jordan Crawford is showing that he can not be counted on from game to game and the team is struggling. Ernie Grunfeld should think about flipping a player or two off of their bench before the trade deadline.

The team is not in need a of a major overhaul like in the last few seasons but tweaks should continue to be made. Watching the Wizards without a sharp Wall or healthy Beal has emphasized that this team needs more pieces. The need for another player that can get his own shot is imperative to the future success of this team.

Too many scoring droughts have caused the Wizards to fall to far behind in games early. The bench used to be one of the top scoring benches in the league now it generally causes the Wizards to have to reinsert their starters before planned or struggling to score.

The Wizards must address this need if they want to continue to improve. Having another player capable of getting to the basket one on one as well as allowing Wall to play off of the ball for short spurts would add another dimension to the team. The Wizards can make a play for Tyreke Evans or a player like Rodney Stuckey to fill this void. Neither is expected to be in the future plans of their respective teams so it may be worth the risk for the rebuilding Wizards.