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Preview: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets


The Los Angeles Lakers Lakers are in a chilly New York. The Lakers have a tough task in front of them. In the next six days, the Lakers have four games ahead of them. Well, I suppose everyone has a busy week ahead of them, and its only Tuesday. On the beginning of the Lakers task list is the challenge of the Brooklyn Nets, and it is a challenge indeed.

Why is this such challenge for a definitive team such as the Lakers? The Brooklyn Nets thrive on their home court. This short year alone, the Nets have won seven out of their eight games in Brooklyn, with the exception of their game against Miami Heat, go get them LeBron, go get them.

Now the Lakers aren’t looking bad right now – they have won the last five out their six games, not bad. The biggest agenda the Lakers face right now is they are one Dwight Howard shot of a dominant team. There is a slight possibility Howard may play tonight, but with that lingering shoulder injury, we are not expecting any miracles.

Needless to say with the Nets being such a dominant force in their home territory, they are looking like favorites to be the victors. If the Lakers can get Howard in this game, that might make this a different story, but again, no promises on Howard being 100% for tonight.

But we can always rely on Kobe Bryant for the Lakers to beat the Nets and score a win on their grounds.