Cleveland Cavaliers a Better Team If C.J. Miles Keeps Shooting

By John Raffel


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NBA teams cannot live by one player alone. Even Michael Jordan and LeBron James, the two greatest players of all-time, showed that without a decent supporting cast, you’ll never be holding the world championship trophy.

Kyrie Irving has obviously demonstrated the talented player he’s going to be with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But one of the reasons they have one of the worst records in the NBA is that Irving can’t seem to find a supporting cast half the time.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt shooting guard C.J. Miles to fulfill his position and do a lot of shooting.

Miles netted four 3-pointers and put in 16 points in 15 minutes last weekend in the Cavaliers’ 115-110 stunning upset over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Cleveland has won four of its last five home games.

If Miles keeps shooting like that, they’ll win move home games. He played rarely 15 minutes. A performance like that should get him more court minutes from coach Byron Scott.

It makes it a mystery where he came from all of a sudden. At 11 points per game, he definitely has plenty of productivity inside himself. Scott is finding Miles more playing minutes this season but needs to find him more. Miles is almost averaging three points a game more than his career average.

Granted, a shooting guard doesn’t rebound much or assist much, but that’s not his role. He was a wise offseason pick-up for the Cavaliers and has been worth the acquisition. His shooting needs to improve, if it does, the Cavs will go a long way with Miles.


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