Columnist Tries To Start Movement Saying Florida Gators Could Beat Orlando Magic

By Riley Schmitt
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like members of the media always want to compare pro teams to college teams. For what reason, I do not know, but it must sell papers or something. The latest offender comes in the form of Mike Bianchi, who is a respected member of the basketball media. However, his offering that the Florida Gators would stand a chance against the Orlando Magic is simply foolish.

Yes, the Magic are beat up and the Gators are impressive. However, there is not a chance in the world that the NBA team would fall in this game. Bianchi even compares it to a 4-13 matchup in the NCAA Tournament. That is a lot more than a chance these days. With the parity that exists in basketball, having the 13 move on is not so strange these days.

Florida is a fine college basketball team, but they would be overwhelmed by the talent that the Magic have. All of the players on their roster are good enough to be in the NBA. All the players on Florida’s roster probably won’t make the league. That is a big talent difference. The style of play would also favor the professionals. There are huge differences between the college and the pro game.

The debate tends to end up being fun, but there is simply no place for it. The Magic may be bad, but they are still a team filled with pros. Insinuating that a team of college kids could beat them is simply an insult.

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