Denver Nuggets: Are They an Elite Team?

By Joe Morrone

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets won their seventh straight game on Tuesday night and it might be time to start talking about this team with the other elite teams in the NBA. Let that sink in for a minute. They are not there yet but if they keep winning, then they are going to have to be a part of the conversation.

The win over the Milwaukee Bucks was not pretty. In fact, it was ugly at times. The ugliness of the win, though, is also the best thing about the win. For three quarters, the Nuggets were terrible especially on defense but they found a way to win the game. Had this game been last season or even earlier this season, the Nuggets get blown out and it is another inexplicable home loss. However the maturity of the Nuggets is starting to show and that should scare some teams in the Western Conference.

They do not have the so called superstar but they have a lot of very good players and for the first time in years, it appears to be coming together. In addition to the talent, the Nuggets are showing something that they haven’t shown since the days of Chauncey Billups. They are playing with heart and a never quit attitude. That’s how you come back from 17 points down and win it going away.

Even the very best teams don’t win by 20 every night, they grind through the games where they do not play well and find a way. That’s what the Nuggets did on Tuesday night; they kept fighting and made enough plays to win the basketball game. Are the Nuggets an elite team right now? Not yet, but they are banging on the door. If they keep playing like they have been, then they are going to kick that door in. The rest of the Western Conference better step up and take notice because the Nuggets are coming and the train might be tough to stop.

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