Despite Being Blown Out by the Houston Rockets, the Golden State Warriors Have an Exciting Future

By Craig Ballard
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The Golden State Warriors are having a season that is significantly better than they usually have, although on Tuesday night the Houston Rockets brought them down to earth a bit as they usually do (the Rockets have now beat the Warriors nine straight times in Houston).

Despite the beat-down that the Warriors endured tonight, it is clear that this team has their arrow pointing up and having Andrew Bogut is only going to improve this already good team (Warriors now 3-1 since the big Australian’s return).

Each season, the elite teams are measured/described by their ability to win 50+ of their 82 games, and even though there are only eight teams on pace for 50+ wins this season whereas there are usually nine to 12, the Warriors are one of those teams as they are on pace for 52 wins currently.

I have had my eyes on this team for a while and this season had me very excited as I am huge fan of Steph Curry and David Lee, plus adding Harrison Barnes and veteran pieces like Jarrett Jack, Richard Jefferson and Carl Landry shore up the roster. I was a Mychal Thompson fan as a youngster–anything to do with Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers had my attention and still does!–so I find it easy to cheer for his son, second year Warrior Klay Thompson. This team is gelling under Mark Jackson and I think that they are headed for new heights for their franchise with this roster.

Warriors fans may be taking the “I will believe it when I see it” approach as this franchise has provided them with extremely few smiles over the last 37 seasons. In the past 20 seasons the Warriors have won a total of five playoff games–not five playoff series, but five playoff games. Yikes!

The last Warrior squad to win 50 was their 1993-94 group, but the franchise plummeted to 189-435 over their next eight seasons which is three wins every ten games for eight years! Yikes again. This unit is not in danger of nose diving like that, though. In fact, now that Bogut is rounding into health, this already outstanding rebounding team is going to get better in that area–especially the offensive rebounds, which Bogut is great at–and continue to improve/grow.

Bogut is rarely healthy for a full season. In fact, his rookie campaign back in 2005-06 is his only 82 game season in his career, but I feel like the Warriors have enough depth and fire power to sustain smaller (non-time consuming) injuries to the man they traded Monta Ellis for.

Jackson’s team already has 14 road wins, which is their most since their 2007-08 season, and Golden State’s success away from Oracle Arena is a sure indicator that he has this team turning the corner. The Rockets pounded the Warriors on Tuesday night, but I feel like Golden State is a team that is exciting and on the rise.

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