Indiana Pacers Are Winning Because George Hill Is Delivering

By John Raffel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill has been excited how his Indiana Pacers are playing. But the Pacers should be equally as excited on how George Hill is playing.

Monday’s 111-101 NBA victory over the Chicago Bulls, a few days after the Pacers topped the Miami Heat, has Hill and Pacer fans jubilant over a 29-19 record that is among the tops in the conference.

Road wins in the NBA are worth getting excited about than home victories. But back-to-back wins at home over the Heat and Bulls makes the Pacers a legitimate Eastern Conference contender, especially with the way Hill is playing.

Hill had  38 sensational minutes against the Bulls with 7-of-10 shooting including 3-of-5 from the 3-point land. He dished out six assists.

Hill does it all quietly and without the opponents hardly knowing what hit them. He’s averaging around 15 points a game plus four rebounds and five assists. He’s shooting with extreme confidence which is why he’s averaging more than four points a game higher than he did a year ago.

Being an Indianapolis native, he’s a natural crowd favorite But the Pacers finally wised up and made him a starter. Hill only started nine of the 50 games he appeared in last year. This year, he’s started all 45 of his games.

In  the past, Hill’s stats have always been better as a stater. There’s no sane reason for him to come off the bench anymore.

He missed 16 games last season from injury or illnesses. He’s only missed three games so far this season. That stat right there is critical for the Pacers’ hopes of winning the Eastern Conference.

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