It’s good to be a Philadelphia 76ers Player

By Ben Leven
Spencer Hawes NBA

Coming off the other end of the Orlando Magic‘s misfortunate turn of events is the Philadelphia 76ers and their raw power. It’s a shame the Magic have racked up almost as many injuries as victories in their last five games, but that’s the Magic.

However, the 76ers are working their own magic after their victory over, well, the Magic.

The game started off ominously for the 76ers as Thaddeus Young‘s left hamstring gave out when going for a loose ball. This injury put Young out of the game and out of commission for roughly two weeks. What were the 76ers to do? Well, they do have two solid players in Spencer Hawes and Jrue Holiday. Don’t worry 76ers, you guys are good.

Hawes piled up 21 points and 14 rebounds–awesome. Holiday had 13 points and 14 assists–awesome. The final score was 78-61, with the victor going to the 76ers. The Magic were severely shorthanded last night, and were at the mercy of the raw power of Hawes and Holiday.

Although the 76ers had much to be happy for coming off this victory, they are still suffering with Young injured.

76ers coach Doug Collins expressed his mild discontent with the state of Young:

“This is a game you’re supposed to win. But it’s a big loss with Thad.”

True. Having your top rebounder out of action could prove troublesome. But the 76ers have so much talent and skill in young players like Hawes and Holiday, they ought not to be too worried.

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