Kevin Garnett Shows Upmost Character and Loyalty In Trade Speculation

By Kaylyn Neely
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

When Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics to join the Miami Heat, he did so because he knew it was the best shot he had at winning a championship before his retirement.

Allen was taking care of himself first, but as a result, he left his Celtics teammates missing a key piece of their franchise. Yet, for Kevin Garnett, it was deeper than that. Garnett ignored Allen’s greetings the first time that the Celtics and the Heat met, in addition to deleting Allen’s number from his phone. Loyalty is important. Garnett is old school. He operates under a different set of rules.

When Rajon Rondo went out Derrick Rose style with an ACL injury, it was officially the end of the Celtics playoff chances. While Rondo has years left in the tank to win awards and championships, Paul Pierce and Garnett don’t the luxury of time.

In addition to being out for the rest of the season, Rondo doesn’t like anyone other than his current teammates so he probably has zero desire to be traded. Rondo’s got that legendary Celtic attitude, and the franchise will be safe in his hands.

Garnett is 17 seasons deep with maybe only one or two great years left in him. He’s already beginning to show wear and tear. The same is true for Pierce. On Sunday, it was reported by ESPN that the Los Angeles Clippers are hoping to discuss a trade that will bring Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe to Boston and Garnett to Los Angeles. The Clippers currently seeded third in the Western Conference. If Garnett is traded to the Clippers, it’s hard to invision a Western Conference finals that doesn’t include the Clippers.

Kevin Garnett is one of only a handful of NBA players with a no-trade clause in his contract. He must approve his own trade. If Garnett leave the Celtics, it will leave the team high and dry. Pierce potentially would have to ride out the rest of the season suffering embarrassing losses.

However, that’s not how Garnett operates. The rules are different for him. According to reports by SB Nation, Garnett will refuse waive his no-trade clause unless Pierce is traded as well.

Loyalty first. Championships second.


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