LaMarcus Aldridge is a Portland Trail Blazer For Life

By Devin O'Barr
LaMarcus Aldridge Posting Up
Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers have been plenty unlucky in terms of recent draft picks including the awful injuries that have de-railed Greg Oden‘s career. Add Bill Walton, Sam Bowie and Brandon Roy to the unlucky list and you start to get the memo of how unfortunate this NBA franchise has been.

Despite all of the strange happenings to Blazers players in the past they definitely lucked out when they made the deal with the Chicago Bulls to bring in Lamarcus Aldridge on draft day in 2006. The Bulls got the short-end of that stick with the disgruntled and disappointing star Tyrus Thomas in return.

Now, the Blazers are winners of their last two but, they wouldn’t  be in the playoffs if indeed they started today and that is no reflection of the play of Aldridge who is posting some of the best numbers of his career with 20.6 points and 9.0 rebounds per game.As players like Wes Matthews and Damian Lillard continue to grow the Blazers will become bigger factors in the west, however Aldridge is a player that will finish his career with the Blazers.

Barring an extension Aldridge will be 29 when his current contract is up in 2015 and by then the Trail Blazers will be a competitive force and will need Aldridge’s leadership on what will still be a young team.

Since entering the league in 2006 he has been nothing but a class act and has taken players like J.J. Hickson under his wing and made them much better. Some players are just meant to spent their careers with one team and I believe Aldridge is one of those players who has found a home in Portland.

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