NBA Injuries: Orlando Magic

By Ben Leven
Orlando Magic
Howard Smith-US Presswire

The bane of any team, scratch that, the bane of any athlete regardless of their respective sport, are of course, injuries.

How awful it is – even one injury is enough to throw a staring roster into question. There will be a time when we have given up on dealing with injuries and decide to replace all athletes with robots or holograms to spare the fans and players this ongoing anxiety.

As I mentioned, even one injury is enough to call on many questions, but how about four injuries? Four injuries? How can you have a properly working team with four injuries? Well, if you ever have the opportunity, go ahead and ask the Orlando Magic.

Last night, the Magic ended their five-game, nine-day road trip, suffering not only an alarming amount of injuries during the string of games, along with five losses. The Magic are, as they put it in work place, short staffed. The Magic is short four-fifths of their starting line up, and they’ll need some sort of miracle going forward here.

Last night, the Magic faced the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite lacking a serious arsenal, the Magic put up a decent effort. Well, sort of. The final score last night, between the Magic and the 76ers, was 78-61. Not a terrible finish to a team that was already defeated.

The Magic started the season off masterfully, but with all these injuries, they will soon be falling far behind. The Magic went from 12-13 to a now abysmal 14-34. The bane of the Magic is not a lack of skill, but bad luck with a string of injuries.

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