Phoenix Suns Not Getting Enough Consistent Production From Michael Beasley

By John Raffel
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Beasley has been putting up some good numbers this season for the Phoenix Suns. He’s also been putting up a lot of missed shots.

Beasley’s numbers are actually down, except for his missed shots. That needs to be corrected in a hurry.

When the Suns lost 113-93 to the Golden State Warriors on Friday, Beasley did score 24 points but he was 10-of-23 from the floor and 1-of-6 in 3-point shooting. But that was much better than the night before against the Dallas Mavericks when he was a lousy 2-of-13 in 28 minutes of action and netted only four points.

But it’s not that Beasley hasn’t had his moments. He shot well against the Los Angeles Lakers, 12-of-20, in 34 minutes of action last week. By the way, the Suns won that game. They’re counting on Beasley to hit his shots.

When he doesn’t, the Suns are in major trouble. It hasn’t been one of the best seasons for the four-year NBA veteran. All his numbers are down although one figure, his turnovers, is up slightly. His shooting average is 44.9 percent for his career from the floor but it’s down to 39.7 percent this season. His game minutes are down by almost an average of five per game.

No wonder.

But for the figure that counts, Beasley is down about four points per game. The Suns at 16-32, having lost twice as many game as they’ve won, obviously need better numbers than that. Beasley occasionally comes through with some nice numbers, but needs to deliver on a more consistent basis.

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