Stop the Rumors: Kevin Garnett Will Retire with the Boston Celtics

By Eric St. Cyr
Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Enough with the rumors. Enough with all of the speculation. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think Boston Celtics tenured veteran and heartbeat of the city Kevin Garnett will be going anywhere. Does anyone out there understand how trades work? Both teams have to desire to make the trade for it to work.

There’s been so much talk of the Los Angeles Clippers desire to acquire the Celtics centerpiece but it’s quite an insulting rumor… Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe… for Garnett? A still relevant hall of fame dominant force and pride of the franchise in exchange for two role players with little upside? Rumor season keeps getting preposterously sillier every year. Garnett’s value to his team is too high to even start to almost kind of half-way consider the possibility of a trade.

Garnett has now gone on record saying that he will not wave his no trade clause unless a number of things go his way in doing so… in other words… He’s staying right where he is. There is literally zero chance of any deal going down because Garnett himself gets to dictate the action. Not to mention he has openly said that he does not desire to go anywhere but where he is.There is simply way too much talk surrounding a team facing a huge amount of challenges on the road ahead regarding “blowing it up.”

Let’s analyze this here… Blow it up… for what? How does one go about “blowing it up?” Also, it’s a small sample size but does anyone see how well the Celtics are playing even without key pieces? I still see a team that with another key player or two is a contender, anyone who doesn’t see that and are ready to bury the Celtics obviously hasn’t been watching the games.

Perhaps it’s easy to put forth the argument that the Celtics chances for a title this year may be slim to none. But is there honestly a true favorite across the league this year? I don’t see one. If you want to put the mortgage on any one team to run through everyone else rather handily in a blaze of glory go for it, but I see this season having many surprises in store and would not be shocked in the slightest if this was a year when a 4 or 5 seed from either conference steals a banner.

So before you help feed into the maelstrom of energy that rumors create…think it through. Big trades need reasons to happen and reasons for players to arrive and depart and the teams involved need real, viable, concrete reasons to pull the trigger. In this particular case, it’s a matter of too many folks feeding into the rumor. It’s a matter of too many people looking at paper and not watching the games.


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