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The Worst Uniforms Of The Year Goes To The Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings Uniforms

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings lost another game tonight.  This time, the Utah Jazz outlasted them in overtime.

But that isn’t the real story. DeMarcus Cousins got ejected at halftime, yes halftime, but that’s not the story either. The Kings are on the verge of being sold and moving to Seattle. The Maloofs are cashing out but that’s not the issue I want to discuss.

Tonight, all I can talk about are the Kings new uniforms. The road, third, alternate, whatever you want to call them, are the worst uniforms of any team this year. They might be the worst of all time.

There have been some bad uniforms in the past. The Los Angeles Clippers have notoriously been labeled worst dressed for years. The Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Bobcats and the Milwaukee Bucks have had some horrible sets as well. The Toronto Raptors have had dinosaurs on theirs. The Denver Nuggets have had every color of the rainbow on their many versions of uniforms. What the Kings were wearing tonight hurt my eyes, the eyes of the fans and definitely the eyes of the Jazz players.

The colors were kept the same but the added patterns on one quarter of the tops and down the side of both the tops and shorts were irritating to my retinas.

The checkerboards were horrendous. What happened to the days of the simply one color tops and shorts with the second color as script?  The colors themselves are a mystery. Not anywhere on any official documents or sites is Black and Purple the colors of California’s capital city. Why is the team named the Kings? King isn’t a nickname of the city. The name comes from when the team was in Kansas City and played some games in Omaha.

Now the franchise has the title of the worst uniforms of the season. You understand why Tyreke Evans wants to leave. You understand why the NBA is happy to have them move. All jokes aside, who are the uniform designers in Sacramento?  They are the ones which have to be moved.

Shahab Khan is a Columnist with Rant Sports focusing on the Toronto Raptors

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