Washington Wizards Beating Divisional Leaders Thanks To Martell Webster

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Martell Webster is on his game, the Washington Wizards are clicking.

It’s too bad that doesn’t happen more often. But it did on Monday night in a 98-90 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Webster was the man of the hour with 21 points and five three-pointers. He was five-of-six in three-point shooting against the Clippers and was 7-of-12 from outside range. He leads the team in three-point percentage and has hit 8-of-11 in the lat two games. He’s been in double figures in seven of his last nine games.

Webster seems to play well in front of the hometown crowd against good opponents. He needs to do that away from home.

What’s ironic is that while the Wizards have one of the NBA‘s poorest records, they have beaten the four divisional leaders: the Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. The New York Knicks have beer watch out on Wednesday.

Too bad the Wizards, at  12-35, can’t beat more of the non-divisional leaders. Webster does seem to be playing with more intensity and a sense of purpose this season. He’s averaging 10.2 points which is up from 8.6 in his career. His minutes are up by 3.5 per game, but his shooting percentage is up by more than three points in his career.

While the Wizards are struggling, Webster is prospering. Washington signed Webster as a free agent prior to this season and so far it’s turned out rather well. Still, the guy has to keep producing each game, and not just wait for a divisional leader to come to town.


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