Atlanta Hawks’ Jeff Teague Continues His Amazing Season

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Teague keeps getting better with the Atlanta Hawks who need every ounce of production that he gives to the team.

Teague is having career years best three-point shooting and free-throwing shooting this season, and that’s why he’s having his best numbers and why the Hawks remain a solid playoff contender. In the 47 games he’s started for Atlanta, his shooting percentage is 45.1 percent, slightly down from a year ago but he’s still very effective and very dangerous with the ball. But he’s also at 14 points a game, so his production is up.

Perhaps what is more impressive about Teague remains his ability to get his teammates in the game. He’s averaging 6.6 assists a game, almost an average of two more assists per game than a year ago.

Last season, when the Hawks put Teague in the starting lineup, he did what any NBA player is supposed to do when such a development occurs-  he worked his tail off and his numbers went up.

That’s to the Hawks’ credit and it’s to Teague’s glory also. He was waiting for his chance ever since being selected in the 2009 draft. He’s got that end-to-end speed that drives the rest of the NBA crazy. But it’s been driving the Hawks to a good season. They just need to keep allowing him to do his thing.

They did that on Tuesday night when he had 24 points and eight assists in a 114-103 loss to the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are a hot team right now, so not even Teague was able to cool them down.

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