Good Chance That The Cleveland Cavaliers Will Trade Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson

By Nick Claussen
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson may not create a lot of buzz in the trade rumors, but he could be a valuable commodity if the team wants to make another deal.

The Houston Rockets are reportedly interested in Gibson, and it’s likely that several other teams are as well.

Gibson has a few things going for him that should help his trade value. First of all, he’s a very good shooter and if he’s healthy he can help a contending team. In addition, he is a smart, veteran player who should be able to fit in with any team he is dealt to. He also has playoff experience and NBA Finals experience. Gibson has played in big games and done very well, and he could do that once again for a contending team this year if he is traded.

Perhaps most importantly, Gibson has an expiring contract, which is big in today’s NBA. Teams want to deal for players who will not hurt them financially, and picking up Gibson would likely give a team more flexibility in the off-season.

The biggest negative with Gibson is that he has not been able to stay healthy this season.  The 6-2 guard has played in 31 games, and is averaging 21.9 minutes a night for the Cavaliers. He is currently scoring 6.7 points per game, while passing out 1.8 assists and pulling down 1.4 rebounds per night.

Gibson is a career 40 percent shooter from the field and a 41 percent shooter from behind the three-point line. He has been a great player for the Cavaliers over the years, and was a big reason that the team made it to the NBA Finals in his rookie season.

It would be good for Gibson to be able to play for a contender again, and if the Cavaliers can pick up another draft pick or another good young player it could be a positive move for the Wine and Gold, too.

The Cavaliers are already guard-heavy, especially with the recent additions of Wayne Ellington and Shaun Livingston, so they can afford to lose Gibson in a trade. If the Rockets or another team offers the Cavaliers a good deal, they should definitely take it.

Gibson has helped the team in numerous ways over the years, and being part of a trade could be just one more way he helps the Cavaliers.


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