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NBA Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Tie NBA Record

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If there was any team in the NBA that would do everything in their power to prevent a record from being broken against them, it’s the Golden State Warriors.

The Houston Rockets tied the league record for three-pointers in a single game as they knocked down an incredible 23 of them. Jeremy Lin hit five while James Harden and Chandler Parsons both hit four to lead the Rockets to a tie with the top mark in a game.

The Rockets fans were chanting “one more three” throughout the fourth quarter as the Rocket players were doing everything they could to spring for an open three-pointer. Their 14 first-half three-pointer also tied an NBA mark and got the fans starting to believe in the record.

Warriors head coach Mark Jackson did not want his team demoralized by allowing an embarrassing record to be set upon them. He gave the Warriors the message and the players went out and stopped them from breaking the record by fouling and playing lockdown defense against the Rockets.

This defense probably would have prevented a chance for this record to even become an issue if the Warriors implemented it from the start.

The Rockets ended up embarrassing the Warriors anyway, blowing them out by a score of 140-109. Lin, a player not normally known for the downtown jumper, nailed a career-high and when a team has someone like that hit the shots he isn’t accustomed to, you know it’s their night.

Although the record wasn’t broken, a tie with 23 three-pointers is an amazing mark for a single game.